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Welcome to Derby Lands!

Derby Lands is home to Demolition Derby - The FairGrounds for BeamNG.  On this website you can purchase merchandise/computers and get helpful information about The FairGrounds Mod.  You can also chat with others users on the Derby Forum and get links to helpful Discord channels. 

BeamNG is a dynamic soft-body physics vehicle simulator.  

Demolition Derby - The FairGrounds is a realisic demoltion derby mod created by Derby Lands LLC for BeamNG.  The FairGrounds mod includes custom arenas, maps, parts, vehicles, and also works with other mods creators to add addtional features. Customize your very own demolition derby car with realisic parts.  The rules are the same as a real derby where the last to survive is the winner. 

To use the mod you must purchase BeamNG from Steam.

Try the Demo Version!