Top Demolition Derby Vehicle Mods

Explore the Thrilling World of Demolition Derby Mods on BeamNG

In the vast landscape of vehicle mods for BeamNG, Demolition Derby enthusiasts seek exceptional mods crafted specifically for their adrenaline-fueled passion. Here, we present a meticulously curated list, segmented into paid and free categories, offering a diverse selection tailored for demolition derby enthusiasts.

Paid Mods:

1.  Real Derby Project (RDP): Designed by a seasoned demolition derby driver with over 2500 hours of expertise, RDP stands as a testament to realism. Endorsed by industry giants like Smash It Demolition Derby, RDP features authentic large cars and parts. For the latest updates, exclusive access is available through RDP Patreon.

To get access to the newest update signup on to the RDP Patreon


2. Mini Mania: Dive into the world of compact cars and trucks with Mini Mania. This mod offers a choice between a free version and a comprehensive package, accessible on their official Patreon page.



3. Beams Most Hated (BMH): BMH brings a versatile selection of compact, large cars, and trucks, coupled with a range of parts. For access, visit BMH's dedicated Patreon page. The mod's Patreon page

4. A1-Gaming: A1-Gaming offers a unique experience, featuring 10 cars and monthly skin updates. To indulge in this mod, head to A1-Gaming's Patreon platform. The mod can be downloaded from Patreon


Free Mods

1.  Beam Derby Truck Series (BDTS): BDTS presents a collection of trucks, vans, tracks, and parts from renowned brands like Chevy, Dodge, and Ford. Direct downloads are available via BDTS Discord in the updates section.

Download the mod directly for free from BDTS Discord in the updates section.

2. LSP Mod: LSP introduces additional addon derby parts designed specifically for RDP vehicles, enhancing the demolition derby experience.

3) Skins by F150 Ranger -

Moonhawk contains 7 different skins with 7 matching configurations. Four of the cars are configured for demo derbies while the other three are configured for the track. Moonhawk


Grand Marshal contains 3 different skins with 3 matching configurations.  Grand Marshal

Burnside mud-covered old hulks aren't long for the world, when that green flag drops they'll soon be little more than 3500lbs of scrap metal! This mod includes 4 demo-derby themed skins and presets for the Burnside. Burnside

Barstow This mod includes 4 demo-derby themed skins and presets for the Barstow. Barstow


Discover the thrill of authentic demolition derby experiences with these meticulously crafted mods. Each one represents a testament to realism, ensuring an immersive and adrenaline-charged gameplay. Get ready to demolish the competition and reign supreme in the arena!

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